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As you may noticed the blog just changed his design. It was modified because this new theme permitted me to integrate new feature that the previous one didn’t offer like a direct link from the main page to social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and so on… Since my blog focus mostly on environment and international issue I decided to use the new Humanitarian Social Network “It’s One Humanity” in stead of my personal Facebook account. So if you click on the Facebook Icon at the top left corner you’ll be able to follow my posts and watch videos I posted on IOH.

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Japanese Earthquake…. is it possible that it was generated by human rather then a natural stress relief?

All of you are aware of the Earthquake that shook Japan over two weeks ago that generated a large tsunami that killed thousand of people was followed by nuclear problem at the Daiichi Nuclear Plant in Fukushima

Some one just sent me over the past week a video that rose questioning about the possibility that the Earthquake would been generated by human rather then a natural cause.

I don’t know if any of you would be familiar with the HAARP project (The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). This is a research center located in Alaska where they are studying the Radio waves transmission and how does one influence our life. But outside of those researches, the US Military has apparently done experiment with Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Waves and have found that those ELF Waves would have the capability to generate tectonic plates disturbances up to the point to start an earthquake.

If the earthquake in Japan was generated by human kind I have difficulty to understand the motif behind the acts. Also here is another interesting video explaining the events that happen in Japan and how they would fit along with the theory of the HAARP project.

Is there any of you that would know more about that I would be interested in hearing your opinion… Because this is really scary when you think of it and would are wondering what else our government could be up to …

France suspended Shale gas exploration until next summer !

Big news came out of France yesterday as the minister of Ecology Natalie Kociusok declared that French Government will  not allow any further exploration of Shale gas until next summer where further data on the environmental impacts will be reveal to public.

This decision was in part due to public reaction against the industry and seeing the controversy against the industry in Quebec.

l’Association quĂ©bĂ©coise de lutte contre la pollution atmosphĂ©rique (AQLPA), has shared most of his information on Shale gas exploitation with French government in order to prevent similar debates as the one that are currently raging in Quebec between the general public and the ministerial cabinet.

Seems like this tactic worked well according to the response of the ecological minister. However this is more then deceiving when you see two governments provided with same information on an industry that represent large environmental impacts on both public and land , and came out with two completely different conclusions. It is to wonder that really lays beneath the Shale gas industry in Quebec…

One thing that Quebec should learn from this is that he should consider the well being of his citizens and stop gambling with their health. The French ecological minister took a wise decision and so should the Quebec Prime Minister do.

Gwynne Dyer at Bishop’s University!

One of the first post on this blog related to Gwynne Dyer and his book Climate War.

I still have difficulty to believe it but it is true, the author of this bestseller will host a presentation at Bishop’s University!

Be assure that I will attend his presentation and will report on his speech as I’m looking forward to learn more on international conflicts that may arise from global warming.

For those interested the presentation will be held on Thursday February 3rd at 7:00 at the Bishop’s William Hall.

If for some reason you can’t attend the presentation you can always check my Blogroll section and find a podcast of his book “climate war”. It should give you a good overview of his work.


On February 5th It’s One Humanity is Launching a new Humanitarian Social Network!

In order to pursue their goal to educate people on the importance of climate justice, It’s One Humanity will be releasing this February 5th their Humanitarian Social Network.  This new Humanitarian Social Network will remain focus on Climate Justice but will also integrate any humanitarian causes as they believe that we need to work as One Humanity.

The Network will give members a wide range of possibilities such as educate, communicate, share and take action on unlimited humanitarian causes.

If you like the project and wish to share it with friends, It’s One Humanity came up with a wonderful concept. Select one of the following promotional picture and upload it as your Facebook Profile picture and let people know your support for a world as One Humanity !

Until February 5th you can always visit  IOH’s Facebook Page or their website It’s One Humanity

Hope to see you on IOH Humanitarian Social Network !

President Obama’s speech on Egypt Jan 28, 2011

Here is President Obama’s speech on Egypt political situation.
Once again he has demonstrate his capacity of great speaker.
Too bad that politic isn’t as simple as his speech sounds like. But we need message of hope like this one to remind ourself that it is only by standing up for the same values (justice and freedom) that we will make the world a better place to live.

Climate refugees : Sun Come Up

We are often talking about global warming and its potential impacts on our environment.  For several reasons we still don’t seem to perceive the severity of the threatening that is ahead of us. I’ve just felt on this new documentary trailer called “Sun Come Up”. It documents the story of a small community “Carteret Islander” in the South Pacific who is now part of the first communities affected by the rise of sea level. Not only sea lever rise affects their access to natural resource and threat their homes but also it put at risk their whole cultural and traditional heritage as they are force to share land with another community that has different beliefs as them.

This Story is the first one of a long series that will occur over the 21st century as global warming will continue to displace other communities. For this reason, we need to bring people awareness toward this issue and find adapted solution to relocate those people and avoid major conflicts.